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At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your life drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.
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Anyone else watching Pretty Little Liars tonight and then Twisted?


Like or reblog this and I will check out your blog, and mostly likely follow, thanks!

I just finished Battlestar Galactica…the entire series O_O

wow. never have I ever watched a TV show all the way through and been so satisfied with the ending of a show. I watched many shows all the way through where a great amount of importance was placed upon the series finale and were very unsatisfying. BSG series finale was amazing, and really touching, and questions were answered. Might I add that the tune Kara plays on the piano is pretty dope? Gonna look that up on youtube hehe. Wow, just, without spoiling the show for anyone, it is worth the 4 seasons of time to watch it. I know that the most recent installment of the story has predecessors and I think it would be cool to read/watch other takes on the story as well. Also, I have yet to see the 2 films based off the show.

think I will update my homepage side bar photo tonight. took some fresh fall photos on my walk/hike today and I like 2 of them a lot so gonna smush them together into one file in PS and then I will post later tonight.

But I have TV to watch and relax to. Also, if you are seeing this and didnt know, I changed and updated the playlist on my homepage too. Autoplay is off so dont get scared, shuffle is on so you get a unique listening experience. bbl!! xx

Just finished season 2 of Teen Wolf O_O

wow. um….i don’t have many shows left to watch except to keep up with the Fall shows that are just starting (The Voice, X Factor, Once Upon A Time) and then in October, South Park and Walking Dead.

le sigh. Teen Wolf was really good! I am excited for a third season ^_^


what to watch tonight: more Teen Wolf season 2? Grimm from Monday night? Switched at Birth from Monday night? ALL OF THE ABOVE? IDK MANGGG.

I wanna make more gifs though too ;-;

and I have an obsession with Adventure Club…been listening to them on repeat…for a couple days now.

TV shows etc etc etc

Kalon and Lindzi getting booted off Bachelor Pad sucked! I loved them together lol, they seemed like the only genuine couple there. I don’t like anyone else that’s left except for Chris and Sarah…hope Chris wins :)

Um, I decided to download the first two eps from Teen Wolf season 1 under the advice of some of you! I really hope it’s good!

I am probably gonna finish up series 6 of Skins UK tonight. I have the last 2 episodes left to watch tonight.

Tomorrow night, Pretty Little Liars will be on break until…idk when???

Does anyone know when The Lying Game will be back on ABC Family? I know Switched At Birth comes back next month.

And, that leaves me with Big Brother for most of September.

Then hockey will be back in October!!!! YEY!!

Okay welp

thanks to those of you who responded to my post about Tokio Hotel, I liked all of the blogs so I followed all of you!

True Blood was amazing and so was Big Brother.

Gonna grab a glass of milk and some Oreos and watch another episode of Skins UK since insomnia blows and hope I am ready for bed by then.

Night all <3

omg I am working my way through series 6 of gen 3 right now THE FEELS!


things wrong with dan


finally True Blood is done downloading.!

now, the end of season 5 :( I hope it is good!

working my way through series 6 of Skins UK

man I just don’t know…I just don’t….know.

it’s incredible how much of reality is incorporated into this show. these are real life problems and the actors deal with them in very convincing and conceivable ways.

i just finished episode 3 of series 6.

i thought perhaps i didn’t quite understand the end to episode 2 or even what happened at the end of episode 1 but by now i think it’s pretty clear.

i am just…i can totally relate. all this shite that these teens went through/are going through i had gone through when i was 18-19.

there has got to be a way out….

time for Skins UK series 4!

just finished series 3 last night and wtf at the ending… like no cliff hanger? or did I just miss something? o.O

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