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At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your life drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.
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I have an overwhelming amount of PSDs to organize in my PS folder D: also, most of the stuff I am organizing are textures D:

Stephanie’s Gif Tutorial


If you have any questions, please message me! I hope this helps everyone! Thank you!


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sooo sorry I wasnt around much today X_X I was being a lazy bum today. honestly idk who the heck I am apologizing to, whatever.

I love Part of Me and Wide Awake by Katy Perry…and the video for Wide Awake is so pretty lol.

I wanna play in photoshop. Just learned about PSD’s (photoshop documents) and I wanna find some nice ones already made to use in my photo and gif editing ^_^ you can inbox me if you have some you want to share :)

What else? A friend of mine is traveling to London this weekend so I wrote up plans for her.


Yah okay I wanna reblog stuff now and make gifs and listen to musiccccc <33

Anonymous said:
what do you use to make gifs?

Afternoon, Anon. To make gifs I am using PhotoShop Creative Suite 5 Extended. There is a newer version out PSCS6 but I haven’t gotten it yet, quite pricey :) Hope that helps you!

just posted 15 new gifs to today ^_^

I was having fun with PSCS5 and decided to gif the whole music video so I am 2/3 done, tomorrow I finish the rest. Lyrics to the Humanoid album are now being posted on a daily basis. Our blog still has no fan submissions. If you ever met the guys, went to a signing and got an autograph, been to a show, or have a photo with you and them, you can submit it to tohoaliennation and you will receive credit. Trying to think of more ways to engage our followers as we count down the days till the new album release and its first single! Exciting stuff coming our way.

Gisel has photoshop again so I am looking forward to what she comes up with too. I really need to do a basic walkthrough of the program and how to do basic things, an easy tutorial.

I have a very important doc appt tomorrow. I just wanna say quick, thank you to my followers. I am amazed that I have as many of you that I do and I can honestly say I love all of your blogs.Wish some of you guys would message me to just talk, even on anon doesnt matter as long as its not hate etc or bullying then its cool.

Have a healthy snack then bed time <3

ni ni neverdawgs xx

you’re talking like a confused little overly excited mouse or something.. :’) aw

I do feel that way lol, but if I dont sleep I will never get over this cold :(

I feel like this right now:

and it’s 6:30am lol. also, i cannot stop sneezing, and and…im warm, lol, and i have to pee and idk, i am doing a really awesome gifset of Don’t Jump/Spring Nicht in Photoshop for my Tokio Hotel blog…but I keep putting that mix of Katy Perry on to listen to that I uploaded a little while ago.

I know I am not making sense X_X oh wells, prolly a little tmi as well, you made me smile though XD


i feel like a dead fish, if a dead fish can feel anything, which it probably cant therefore it is irrelevant. anyways!

i spent a lot of time playing in photoshop tonight to customize the logo and background image for tohoaliennation dot tumblr dot com and i have found an awesome person to co-run it with me! very exciting.

now if i can get the html coding to do what i want it to O_O

anyways i have had enough of the computer for one night.

another episode of Skins UK and sweet sleep.

Skrillex fans, hope you all like the photo edits I did today, and Aliens can check out the homepage updates to my Tokio Hotel blog and also the lyrics section»it will be updated daily until all of the song lyrics are up ^_^

night dogs, dove you logs, i kees you all <3

time to have some fun in photoshop whilst drinking ice water yummm ^_^

got a lil surprise for the Sonny Moore / Skrillex fans.

a new “THIS” photo edit by yours truly.

had to make it after finding a really great photo of Skrills and also finding a custom made “Skrillex” font pack for free online awe yeah. Hope you all like! You can use it if you want to, just please don’t remove my watermark <3

dove you logs ^_^


yey for watermarking ^_^

hope no one minded my mini photo spam from my vacation. i was experimenting with watermarking photos in photoshop with a custom made watermark!!! i am very proud of my watermark :D

final fantasy font plus the chocobo in the middle of “mogalicious” and “tumblr” is pretty badass looking.

hope you all enjoyed the photos. i will be watermarking the rest of my photos and uploading the nicest ones to tumblr for everyone to enjoy…over time. no worries i am not spamming you for the rest of the night, i promise :)

@christianaplease - THANK YOU! ^_^
cool as hell!

Aha thank you so much! I don’t remember how long it took me to get that final product on that one, but minimum time was about an hour prolly more like 90 minutes lol. The hardest part was applying the watermark believe it or not, since it seems Photoshop is temperamental about how you do it. Read a couple different ways to do it online and I used the one that was quickest and easiest for me to do and remember! :) The movie that gif is from has SO many opportunities and little 2-3 second scenes that can easily be captured in a gif. What is also nice, is that from having looked through the tags for that movie last night, not too many of the scenes have been giffed already :D I didn’t wanna go through and regif something if it has already been done…and I am not pro enough yet to make a gifset or do anything super cool with texts and backgrounds yet :P The “lifestream” gif has been on tumblr before…I thought it was a good sample of animation to learn from as far as breaking it down into frames and layers and reassembling it with PSCS5, then applying the watermark :) I wonder how they teach this stuff in graphic design classes in colleges and shit aha :P

My very first *complete* .gif with watermark in Photoshop Creative Suite 5. I used a bunch of different tutorials and explanations from all over the web and right now I just want to share this little happy moment with everyone.

The .gif is from the beginning of the animated film Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete. The blue you see moving is the “lifestream”. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, you will know what that is ^_^

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