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At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your life drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.
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I’m bored and want people to talk to…tell me, what is everyone doing today? or right now?

Good morning tumblr world :)

Enjoying my second iced latte of the day mmmmyummmm

mmm so delicious. the wind outside and cool, crisp, breeze…ah fall! sleeping with my window open <3 best thing ever.

reminiscing over old music from HS.

I am in a creative mood, yes yes, so probably going to continue to gif World Behind My Wall. Posted 5 gifsets today and about 1/4 of the way through the video. It has a lot of details lol. And close ups, so I have to sharpen each damn frame in PS and thats a pain in my ass.

anyways! how is everyone? what did you do this weekend?


hows everyone doing?

hello again to all my friends

wassupp. i am writing/reading/photoshopping and checking out the olympics of course.

today i am jammin to Skrillex…rude boy bass, mash up da place!

anywho, we are getting thunderstorms here today.

i started watching series 4 of Skins UK last night and meh. I love the show so I am hoping it gets better as the season goes on :)

whats everyone up to?

tumblr fucking party in my room right now.

jfc how i missed my blog so much whilst i was gone amggggg never again.

must be able to mobile blog next time i go away lol.

what is everyone up to?

aliens, are you all breathing still? ^_^

guise guise guise…wtf guise. its 2am and im bored…im never bored wtf.

WHADDAP?!?! I am le hurr for nowish

sup sup sup! gonna continue work on the Tokio Hotel tumblr :) and some other stuff, mainly getting my resume to look banging and sending it off to some VP of a bank where I live, then praying she finds a job for me woot. mmmm lunch, haven’t been eating much lately, no worries though. I need foking eyedrops.

this has been a post.

have a Furby :

Mini Tokio Hotel spam over for now BUT….
  • I legit cried happy tears today over Aliens winning Fan Army FTW for the third time in a row
  • The twins were so happy and they looked awesome in the video
  • Sorry I am not sorry for the spam XP
  • Any other TH TUMBLR BLOGS out there, LIKE THIS POST and I will check out your blog, if I like it I WILL FOLLOW YOU!
  • fanx!

That is all. I cannot remember the last time I cried from overwhelming happiness. It has been awhile and happy tears are the best. I think, actually, the last time I cried happy tears was in February when I saw Sonny Moore (Skrillex) live in NYC at Terminal 5 lol. AND IT FELT SO GOOD.

Pre-surgery testing complete. FOK YEAH. Only took me 5 and a half hours, GG!

Exhausted. Really dehydrated and in need of sleep. Hai guise ^_^

PS- I smell like coconuts, awe yea!

Nap times, so foking good xx

Leave me things here.


  • memes
  • photos…of u…ur cat, dogs, drawings, ground hogs, i dont foking care
  • questions
  • gifs
  • links to videos or music
  • introduce yourself
  • request things, idk, what you would like to see more of on your dash (ill take it into consideration)
  • fmk’s, have you ever’s, dear ___
  • famous quotes
  • song lyrics
  • jokes!
  • trivia questions
  • write to me in a foreign language
  • top 5’s
  • favorite anythings
  • or to say hi ^_^
SO hai, hello everybody

Haven’t written too much lately. Been wanting to. Feel like I am coming down with a head cold again, so I slept like, the entire day no joke.

Miss talking to ya’ll! Notice there has been more Sonny Moore/Skrillex on my dash lately and I love it. However, not as much Tokio Hotel, though I am following a ton of you guys. Did ya’ll go on vacation/holiday or something? :P

How is everyone? There are a couple people I talk to a good bit on here that I haven’t heard from in awhile, miss you crazy people! I know some of you get a lot of messages on here, and might also just be working or doing the summer/summer school thing.

Just wanted to say hello. I answer all of the messages I get in my Ask box, so if you wanna chat, about pretty much anything, send me an ask or some fanmail ^_^

Love ya’ll



waddup everyone ^_^

The same thing you are ;]

The cool kids chill on tumblr during the wee hours of the morning :P

Watching a devil cat from hell meow. You?

Probably going to tumble a bit then read, and sleep :D there was something that I wanted to tell you but now I do not remember :(

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