Fire Away, Fuck This Place That We Call Home

At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your life drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.
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And this is why i love the whole OWSLA crew :D

Plot Twist: Dillon Francis makes a moombahton remix of Boom Boom Boom.


Rah ah ah ah ah ah!

Really loving the Krewella remix of Fire Hive. I know I know it’s not new but those chicks are soooooooooo badass! I have been a fan of their work from day one, don’t think I am jumping ship lol.

So, just saying hello.

Welcome to my world new followers. You might be tortured by a shit load of gifs in the coming month since I just mastered the art of gif making, just a fair warning. They will be Final Fantasy and Tokio Hotel gifs cuz those are the two videos I have in digital format right now that I want to gif. Dont have time this week to play in Photoshop much but after I get back from my vacation, for sure.

Erm, I am finishing setting up a full queue for everyone since I am leaving for a week this coming Saturday. You will get a post once every hour while I am gone <3 So lots and lots of stuff for everyone. I will probably post occasionally while I am away but it’s not a guarantee. I will have internet on my cell but not sure about having it on my other wireless devices.

Knife Party - “Fire Hive [Krewella Fuck On Me Remix]”

Personally, I like this version a lot better than the original, give it a listen ^_^

Lunch time! Ranch chicken wraps mmmmm om nom nom!! ^_^

Then all of the shit I have been procrastinating all day D:

Fucking cramps too >.<

At least Mom and I are going out to dinner later and then we are going to see my Grandma ^_^

Getting shit done to Krewella & Knife Party today woop woop!

Monster. How should I feel? Creatures lie here. Looking through the window…

I have this song in my head on repeat thanks to DotEXE's amazing remix of it. The original is great too, I just like the edgy, badass feel of the remix.

Anyways, I am realllyyy tired and now I have to fall asleep tonight to the lovely smell of burnt popcorn (thank you Greg <3).

Pretty Little Liars was amazeballs tonight and I think I might have gotten my mom interested in it. Next week’s ep might make me cry rivers and oceans though >.<

Grandma is NOT coming home for awhile cuz her and her docs decided she needs more therapy and rehab to get stronger before coming home so she will be in therapy and rehab longer. Which means, I am due to visit her again.

My eyes are so dry >.<

Anyways, Krewella's new EP Play Hard is all sorts of amazing, however, it does not include “Strobelights” , “Rise and Fall [with Adventure Club]” , “Breathe [with Skrillex]” or “Life of the Party”. So, it could have been an even better EP. On other EDM news, I am SO SAD to hear that Pendulum is done :*( Like, I never got to see them live and now I feel horrible. Knife Party is so fucking dope though, so I will put my effort into seeing them live. They also released a killer EP recently, Rage Valley, and every song on there is a banger, so foking good. Might also add, a really close friend of mine is going to Montreal this week to see Avicii with his gf! Lucky bastard! Hope he has the time of his life and gets some picks :D

Didn’t make it to the beach this past weekend but will soon. I need a day to relax, even if it is alone. <3

I am so tired tonight that I am not even gonna watch an episode of Skins or Switched At Birth.

dove you logs, never dogs xx

Knife Party - “Bonfire” from the Rage Valley EP

(If you liked Skrillex’s “Make It Bun Dem” with Damian Marley you *may* like this as well. Enjoy! ^_^)

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