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At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your life drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.
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anyone else having problems uploading gifs or images?

Stephanie’s Gif Tutorial


If you have any questions, please message me! I hope this helps everyone! Thank you!


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Anonymous said:
what do you use to make gifs?

Afternoon, Anon. To make gifs I am using PhotoShop Creative Suite 5 Extended. There is a newer version out PSCS6 but I haven’t gotten it yet, quite pricey :) Hope that helps you!


if you like Ellie, then wonderful ^_^ if you don’t, I am sorry :(

I just think her new music video is gorgeous and so is the new single. She is like a Greek Goddess that has descended from the heavens in the video and it’s gorgeous. I wanted to gif the whole thing so I am doing just that lol. I am about 2/3 of the way through a 4 and a half minute video >.< but it’s so prettyyyyyyyyy

At midnight I am getting back on the Tokio Hotel tumblr though cuz, Gustav’s birthday photos aren’t done yet T_T and neither are the Monsoon gifs though that music video has been giffed so much I am only gonna continue to do the scenes that I like or that people have made but didn’t come out great, lol.

anyways yah, just wanted to either say thanks for putting up with my giffing craziness, you should check out Ellie’s new music video it’s so beautiful ^_^

Anonymous said:
Your gifs are bestest

haha awh! Thank you Anon! I learned from the best but I am not gonna say her name cuz she knows she’s the best, and cuz ppl bug her all the time to teach them how to make gifs. Honestly, I learned by googling my arse off and reading a bunch of online tutorials…also by trial and error :) If you ever want help just ask, I don’t mind sharing how to make them. But this is the first compliment I have received about my gifs :) Thank you SO much!


(evybibi made this nice thank you gif hehe)

stop reposing other peoples work its foking lame. respect maomi, shes smart and intelligent and humble and beautiful stop stealing its not nice. plur <3 fixed the sources and click throughs. check out her page while youre at it.

@christianaplease - THANK YOU! ^_^
cool as hell!

Aha thank you so much! I don’t remember how long it took me to get that final product on that one, but minimum time was about an hour prolly more like 90 minutes lol. The hardest part was applying the watermark believe it or not, since it seems Photoshop is temperamental about how you do it. Read a couple different ways to do it online and I used the one that was quickest and easiest for me to do and remember! :) The movie that gif is from has SO many opportunities and little 2-3 second scenes that can easily be captured in a gif. What is also nice, is that from having looked through the tags for that movie last night, not too many of the scenes have been giffed already :D I didn’t wanna go through and regif something if it has already been done…and I am not pro enough yet to make a gifset or do anything super cool with texts and backgrounds yet :P The “lifestream” gif has been on tumblr before…I thought it was a good sample of animation to learn from as far as breaking it down into frames and layers and reassembling it with PSCS5, then applying the watermark :) I wonder how they teach this stuff in graphic design classes in colleges and shit aha :P

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