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At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your life drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.
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unamusing tumblr is unamusing. my bed looks divine again, and PLL is an hour away.

retreat I shall, and dream of this:

Pretty Little Liars

No spoilers coming, don’t worry.

Just wanted to say how happy I am that this show is back. Really, it makes me want a guy so much more than I already do. Even a guy best friend, or a closer friend with benefits than I have had in the past. All the guys, Ezra, Toby, and Caleb, are just great. Not just sexy but I like their personalities and how they are concerned and care about their girls. It is endearing. Love that show to pieces ugh ugh ugh.

Still chugging through Switched At Birth.

Cannot remember if I mentioned earlier but, I bought Fifty Shades of Grey and also Catching Fire. I still need to finish Hunger Games but have been putting it off since I saw the movie; I am halfway done with it, should finish it quickly.

Other than that, seeing my Grandma in the hospital tonight, and going to take an afternoon nap <3

Pretty Little Liars time!! ^_^

Anyone else super exicted for the summer premiere of Pretty Little Liars tomorrow night?

I am so excited!!! ^_^

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The last episode of Switched At Birth that I just watched made me happy. I really like Bay and Emmett and I do like Daphne with the blonde haired guy. Bay and Daphne’s brother Toby is kinda cute too. Sad Blair Redford’s character Ty only had a few episodes.

It is really cool that Bay is into street art like Banksy. I totally dig that.

Anyways I kinda just wanted to ramble a bit. I have been thinking about some guys that are part of my past/present life. To begin with my very first boyfriend John, whom I dated for over 5 years and broke up with i 2006, has been talking to me a lot lately. He makes me laugh a lot and we sorta yell at each other over the phone but not in an angry way heh. Then there is my Swedish ex, Oscar. He wants to play D3 with me since it is global and I would love that, just need to make a new Battle Tag on the European servers and start up a character there. Jordan had decided to text me around 4ish yesterday morning when all this shit was happening with my Grandma and though I haven’t seen him since February I kind of would like to see him. And, lastly, though he is not really an ex, I have been thinking about Eric a lot lately. Eric is an interesting subject. I like him a lot, have always liked him in both non romantic and romantic ways. As a person, despite what happened last fall, I have always cared a lot for him and thought of him often. Like I wrote last week, I was surprised that he started talking to me on D3 and even played with me for a bit. We have even texted a bit which was really nice. I don’t think he knows how I felt in the wake of all that happened between us. I still don’t have an answer as to why he disappeared and I am scared to ask right now. We have just started talking a bit again and I don’t wanna bring up the past so soon for fear he will just disappear or get angry at me again, and then I know how I will feel if that happens and right now I cannot go through anymore emotion stress. But, needless to say, I think about him a lot and I miss talking to him on the phone and on Skype. Le sigh.

I am just about ready for bed. Nearing 5am here. Forever having sleeping pattern problems and issues, oh well.

Also, wanted to say hi to my new followers. Have gained a few of you over the past few days and I wanted to thank you for following! <3

-Stephanie xx

asdfghjkl ;;::


need to fix this retarded sleep pattern again >.<


also, probably going to watch another episode of Switched At Birth and perhaps, maybe, possibly, nap/sleep.

ttfn. xx.

We Are Dogs Unleased

SohoOhoOhoo….I slept so much last night and today that I practically missed another day, oh well.

Gonna watch more Switched At Birth :)

Had fun listening to Tokio Hotel today, and flipping thru the Tokio Hotel tag. Some good stuff in there today. VIP Call and the Germanys Next Top Model episode with Bill in it.

Next we away to see if we won Fan Army and when Bill is gonna do a music video with Far East Movement for If I Die Tomorrow ^_^

JUST WANNA SAY HI AND HELLO TO ALL OF THE NEW FOLLOWERS!!^_^ please please please come by and say hello <3

Also, Maomi, Shar, Krutika, Mariam and everyone else that I talk to regularly that I have missed, I love all of you so very much ^_^ Hope all is well

Blair Redford is in Switched At Birth as well as The Lying Game

yepper ^_^ I think I am going to like this show. plus, it has an interesting plot too, hehe.

Switched At Birth

Anyone watch this show yet??? I have watched Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game from ABC Family channel and both of those shows were excellent. I am looking for something new to watch that is just as good ^_^

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